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100_situations's Journal

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100 Situations: Fanfiction Challenge
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100 Situations!
Another Fanfiction & Original Fiction Challenge!
Officially Started: 15 June 2006
Inspired by fanfic100

Put your character/pairing/group/general series into 100 different situations!


Well, keep reading!



Please read the complete FAQ, RULES & GUIDELINES before requesting access to post in this community. You can pick a character/pairing/group/general series from any fandom based on a book, manga, anime, comic, tv series, movie, real person (musicians, actors, athletes, etc). Anything goes! Even those that aren't human if that's what you're into. You can also create your own original character or original fics. There is no limit to what you can write. We only ask that you insert the appropriate rating/warning/disclaimer for fics.


Before requesting for posting access, check out the different table prompts available. There's 5 in total so far.

((Table Prompts 1-5))


Request posting access and wait for approval. You will be given a tag to use when posting your fics. Make your request here.


Start posting your fics to the community! You don't have to post them all at once. Go at your own pace. And yes, you need to post to the community. This is a challenge and we need to see what you've written. Please, at all times, use an lj-cut.

Posting Guidelines

Subject - fandom/character/title of your fic [LOST/Sawyer/The Escape]

Use the following header when posting your fics:

How to make an lj-cut?


Once you've completed your table, please post here for all to see. If you'd like to write for another table, feel free to do so.



[1] Join community.

[2] Follow Steps 1-5 (see above).

[3] Be respectful of other writers and readers. Constructive criticisms and comments are great but do not start a flame war in this community or you will be banned. You can report an abuse here. Comments will be screened.

[4] Don't forget to include spoilers (if any) and regular warnings in your Author's Notes when posting.

[5] Please remember to tag your fics! Your tag should look like this:


lost, table-1 (fandom/table prompt)

Tag your fics using the Edit Tag icon (which is next to the Edit Entry icon). Look for the appropriate tags, click on it and save changes.

[6] No non-standard fonts allowed when posting in the community. If it's under an lj-cut, that's perfectly fine.

[7] Do not friends lock your entry and do not disable comments when posting.

[8] Do not make a post that isn't related to the challenge.

[9] Read the FAQ's below.



Is there a dateline?

There isn't a dateline for you to complete your table. Please feel free to work at your own pace. But it'll be great if you could write at least one fic a month to keep the community active.

Do I have to pick a specific focus?

You can work on anything you want. Go crazy!

What about crossovers/au? Are those allowed?


Can I write my own original stuff?

Yes, we welcome original work. But we won't be held responsible for any issues involved if you decide to publish it someday.

What about ratings? What am I allowed to post?

Anything from G to NC-17. You're allowed to post het, slash, gen, anything! But if you're writing about incest, bondage, etc -- please be kind enough to warn the readers about it.

G All ages admitted
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13
R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or legal guardian.
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted.

Where do I post my fics?

You post them to the community.

What if I prefer to post it to my own journal/blog?

Fake cuts are okay. Feel free to link to anywhere else but please adhere to the posting guidelines when posting to the community.

What's the minimum/maximum word count?

Drabbles and fics --> 200 words and above.

Do I post one at a time or all at once?

Feel free to post each time you've completed a fic/drabble/poem/script.

How many tables am I allowed to write for?

As many as you like!

Can I post the stuff written for this challenge elsewhere?

Sure thing. It's your work of fiction. We don't own any rights to it.

Can I include fics that I've already written in the past as part of the challenge?

As long as it fits the prompts in the table, sure. But we'd really love it if you could write something new.

Am I supposed to write 100 fics/drabbles/etc?

Yes. One word prompt = one drabble/fic/etc. Word count has to be 200 and above. You're allowed to write in chapters -- it doesn't have to be a one shot. Just make sure that each chapter fits into one word prompt.

Do we have to post in the order of the prompts (from 001 to 100)?

No, you can work on whichever prompt that tickles your fancy.

Can I mix and match the different prompts from the different tables?

Yes, you're allowed to do that.

Can I co-write a table with someone else?

Feel free!

How do I link my fics to the table and why do I need to do that?

You need to start linking your fics back to the table every time you've written one so that you'll be able to keep track of which word prompts you've completed and you'll be able to allow other readers to check out the fics you've written.

And here's how you'll be able to link your fics back to your table.

Whenever you post a fic to your journal or the community, there's a URL address for the page. You copy and paste the URL that displays your fic.

To make the HTML link work, you need replace the "Prompt" word in your table with the following (but do not delete the HTML for the table -- all the <td> etc). Simply replace the word prompt with the following:


You paste the URL (the link to your fic) into the HTML code. Change the WordPrompt to whatever word prompt you've written the fic for, say "Deception". It'll look like that.

Still don't get it? Here's a more detailed example:

This is what one of the HTML codes for your table look like.

Now, simply copy and paste the HTMl code from before, replacing the word prompt "Deception" on your table.

Easy, right? Good luck with that!

What if I want to leave the community?

You're free to leave anytime but if you'd like to state a reason why, we'd appreciate the feedback. Feel free to leave a message here.

I have another question.

Click here and ask away.



24, ai no kusabi, alias, angel, angel sanctuary, babylon 5, band of brothers, batman, battlestar galactica, beast wars, birds of prey, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, black hawk down, blackadder, blade, blakes 7, bleach, boston legal, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, card captor sakura, charmed, chronicles of narnia, constantine, cowboy bebop, crossing jordan, csi, dark angel, dawn of the dead, dead like me, deadwood, desperate housewives, devil may cry, dexter, digimon, discworld, dn angel, doctor who, dragonball z, due south, dynasty warriors, er, everwood, fake, fantastic four, farscape, final fantasy, firefly/serenity, fringe, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, get backers, ghost whisperer, gi joe, gilmore girls, gladiator, good omens, gravitation, green street hooligans, grey's anatomy, gundam, harry potter, heroes, highlander, house md, hunter x hunter, inuyasha, jeremiah, joan of arcadia, justice league, king arthur, king kong, kingdom hearts, knight rider, la femme nikita, labyrinth, las vegas, law & order, leverage, lie to me, lost, m*a*s*h, major league baseball, master and commander, merlin, mutant x, naruto, national football league, national hockey league, navy ncis, neon genesis evangelion, newsies, nip/tuck, numb3rs, nypd blue, once a thief, one piece, one tree hill, oz, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, prince of tennis, prison break, queer as folk, ragnarok online, rent, resident evil, roswell, ruruouni kenshin, sailor moon, saiyuki, samurai champloo, scrubs, seinfeld, sex and the city, shaun of the dead, silent hill, six feet under, skins, sliders, smallville, snatch, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stargate, starsky and hutch, supernatural, taking back sunday, teen titans, that 70's show, the big bang theory, the l word, the o.c., the practice, the pretender, the west wing, the x-files, third watch, veronica mars, weiss kreuz, without a trace, x-men, yami no matsuei, yu-gi-oh, yuu yuu hakusho

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