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20 March 2013 @ 11:04 am
Andromeda, Cast the First Stone, Rev Bem, table 3, #19 sinful  
Title: Cast the First Stone
Fandom: Andromeda, general series
Author: karrenia
Character: Rev Bem
Rating: Teen
Episode tag/character study
Words: 299
Prompt: #19 sinful, table 3, general series
Disclaimer: Andromeda belongs to Tribune Entertainment, Fireworks Productions. It is not mine. Takes place shortly after the
events of the 1st season episode "The Devil take the Hindmost."

"Cast the First Stone" by karrenia

It had never been easy for him to reconcile his instinctive nature with that of his Wayists beliefs. It had always been a constant struggle, but it is one that is he is fully committed to. It is much like being in a constant love-hate relationship with oneself. The way he was before the fateful encounter with Brother Thaddeus Blake, a monk who stepped in among the mayhem caused by his people, the Magog, had done much to soothe the beast within. In fact, after his mentor’s death he had gone on to spread those teachings, and believed that he had finally reached a measure of a peace, had come to terms with the dichotomy of his being.

Still, holding the faded photograph of his ‘mother’, a woman who died in order to bring him into the world, he knelt on the cold metal floor of his quarters, humbly asking for forgiveness. Still all was not lost, the world known as Kingfisher, would go on as would the teachings of belief of the Way. He had always maintained that the Divine loves us best at the broken places, as so it would written, so it would be.

The woman named Tiama had made the ultimate sacrifice; taking on Rev’s genes to produce an offspring that would the Hajirian Magog will protect the human settlers. The whole idea of a softer, less aggressive strain of his people was completely in keeping with his struggle against the darker side of his nature. Rev had begged his captain to trust in the Way, even though he is not a believer. He trust in the Divine, that there are greater, vaster plans that he can neither say nor fully comprehend and that brave and determined woman’s sacrifice great good will come of it.