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06 March 2011 @ 02:29 pm
[NCIS/Tony and Ziva/Anger Sex]  
Title: Anger Sex
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo and Ziva David
Table: Custom
Prompt: 007. Argue
Word Count:
Rating: NC-17
Warning: (if applicable) Sexual content, suggestive themes, mild language.
Summary: Sometimes love can go hand in hand with anger. Sometimes Ziva and Tony are even more madly in love when they are angry at each other. It doesn't make sense, but not much does.
Author's Notes: Occurs before they get engaged, or get married.

Tony and Ziva hadn't spoken a word since they left the office. They walked inside of their condo angrily. Tony threw his backpack on the ground near the sofa and Ziva threw her sack on the bed. Tony went into their room and nearly tore his work clothes off, changing into casual clothing. Ziva didn't even bother changing, she simply went out into the living room to read the mail. Ziva sifted through the papers, barely evening paying attention to the content. She came across her magazine and picked it up. Tony finally got his loose jeans on and locked his gun away. Ziva walked towards the bedroom door to put her magazine by the bed, and at the same time, Tony was walkout towards the door to leave. They stopped right in front of each other abruptly.

"You're in my way." They said simultaneously.
"I need out." Tony said angrily.
"I need in." Ziva replied with equal anger.
"You were in my way." Tony retorted.
"You can step aside for a minute." She seethed.
"Why can't you be the one to step aside for once?" He growled.
"Why can't you act any more maturely?" She sneered.
"This is not my damn fault!" He yelled at her throwing his arms out.
"You were the one who left!" She screamed back.
"That's what this is about?" He said.
"Yes, Tony. I am so angry because you left the team without telling me!" She said, still yelling.
"I got a promotion! You should be happy for me!" Tony yelled.
"You could have told me! I know you, Tony. This is not about money!" She screamed.
"You're right, Ziva. It isn't. It's about me trying to make the best of the situation for us." He said, still red in the face.
"You did not have to leave the team. Our relationship is a secret! Nobody was going to find out!" Ziva was almost in tears at this point.
"I didn't want to be tempted by being around you!"
"So it is my fault?" She said as she threw the magazine on the ground.
"Well, you sure as hell don't make it any easier!"
"You were the one who quit!" She screamed loudly, now really close to his face.

In a flash of emotion, Tony grabbed Ziva's head and pulled her into a violent kiss. Their tongues lashed around and teeth biting down on everything. Tony broke the kiss and instead bit down on her neck. Ziva pulled the buttons off his shirt furiously.

"It is all your fault!" She screamed as she pushed the shirt off.
"I thought... I thought it would be best!" He growled breathlessly. They were both breathing and panting heavily. Ziva flung Tony against the wall making him whine.
"There was no... You did not have to get your own team!" She yelled as she attacked Tony's neck with her mouth. Tony managed to get her top off and worked furiously at her skirt. Ziva grabbed the button of Tony's pants and quickly pulled it out. She unzipped his jeans and pushed them down along with his boxers.

"You are such an idiot! Now I can't see you!" She screamed again.
"You're the one who can't help but... but strike a freakin' provocative look!" He grunted.

Once her skirt was off, He pushed off from the wall and threw her down on the ground. He pinned her down and undid her bra strap, pulling it off rather harshly. Ziva trashed about underneath him, until she caught him off guard and managed to tumble him onto the ground. She rolled on top of him and resumed the violent kiss again.

"Maybe you... need... self-... self-control!" She managed to get out.
"Gahh!" Tony yelled as he once again, overthrew her. This time she landed on her hands and knees. Tony pulled her underwear off then grabbed her hair.
"If you weren't so tempting, I wouldn't need it!" He growled. Tony rushed into her and pushed in so hard that Ziva fell forward. They were both in tears at this point, yelling and screaming as Tony banged into her violently.

"You are... Tony..." She gasped as she tried to form sentences.

Tony gave up and snapped his hips forward once more before he finally hit his climax, Ziva shortly followed. They instantly collapsed on top of each other. They were truly a mess. Sweaty, crying, breathless, tangled up.

“Wow…” Tony said once he had gotten his head cleared.
“You have never done that before, Tony?” Ziva said through her now slowing gasps.
“Never… It was kind of heat of the moment… I was angry at you it was like…” He trailed off.
“Anger sex?” Ziva said with a smile, putting her arm on Tony’s rising and falling chest.
“Yeah, but this whole arguement was stupid. Look, Zee,” He said as he started pulling their bodies apart, then sitting up against the nearby wall with her, “it was stupid of me not to talk to you first about this and I’m sorry. I won’t change my mind though.” Tony said, kissing her on the forehead.
“I knew you wouldn’t, Tony. You’re far too stubborn.” Ziva said with a laugh.
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